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Government reinforces commitment to end rough sleeping

The government has reiterated its commitment to helping rough sleepers stay off the streets for good through a joined-up approach, working with local partners and treating the underlying causes of rough sleeping.

Caridon Foundation welcomes the plans set out this week by Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick on government plans to build on the hugely successful ‘Everyone In’ programme, which has supported more than 37,000 vulnerable people over the past 15 months.

Through our own experience of working with street homeless individuals, we know the importance of having a cross-functional strategy, which not only provides somewhere safe for individuals to reside, but looks into and addresses why that individual ended up on the streets in the first place. Only when these factors are identified can a person start to rebuild their life.

Government has committed to building on local partnerships that were developed throughout the pandemic with councils, charities and welfare groups and Caridon Foundation and Caridon Property very much hope to be able to be part of this strategy. We believe that tackling issues such as mental health, substance misuse, financial mis-management, or the need to escape domestic violence, for example, is absolutely the right approach to tackling homelessness.

Councils have also been asked to refresh local plans to end rough sleeping and to agree operational targets for reducing rough sleeping in their area this year.

The housing secretary and the minister for Rough Sleeping, Eddie Hughes, said
“We pay tribute to the tireless efforts of council staff and community groups who, backed by unprecedented government funding, have helped thousands of vulnerable people over the course of the pandemic.
“Going forward, it is vital that rough sleeping and health services continue to work together to ensure the necessary support is there when people need it.
“Working together we will continue to transform the lives of people sleeping rough on our streets.”