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Volunteer Package

What we do and who we are:

The Caridon Foundation provide Supported Housing in London and South-East, for vulnerable adults with tailored provision to sustain tenancies and work towards independent living and integrating fully into the community. The Caridon Foundation is an independent specialist provider of accommodation, and support services for adults with a diagnosed enduring mental health condition, probation and people with other support needs who want to live independently in the community.

The Caridon Foundation’s work is complemented by working in partnership with Local Councils, Health Services and specialist agencies including, Crime Reduction Initiatives, and Croydon Drug and Alcohol Service. Our dedicated team work with clients through personalised support plans to develop independent living skills including building self-esteem, forming positive relationships, cooking, budgeting and maximising income. Support into education, volunteering, training or employment is tailored to individual needs and circumstances. We do this by implementing individual programmes of support, based on needs and aspirations, and through the following range of step-down community services we have developed over several years of working in this field:

  • Shared Housing
  • General needs housing
  • Supported Housing


Our Volunteers:

We value our volunteers. We value even more that they add value to our services to our service users. We value the support we are willing to give them as they help use tackle the daily challenges involved in our work with clients. However, we expect each volunteer to meet certain criteria for merit our consideration.

What type of volunteers?

We are particularly looking for volunteers who have skills, knowledge and training in health and well-being, employment, supported housing with people with enduring mental health problems, people settling back into the community after being in prison (probation), legal advice and therapeutic community skills and support.


Key Requirements:

  • A passion for and commitment to developing life skills in adults from a disadvantage background, mental health problems, mild learning disabilities, and the street homeless.
  • Ability to empower people and teach them independent / social skills for independence.
  • Organisational/administrative abilities.
  • Working as part of a team and building community relationships.
  • Experience of delivering programmes and understanding their social impact.
  • Demonstrable experience in fundraising and grant applications.
  • An excellent and empathetic communicator who can relate to, and be highly credible with, people from a wide range of background and with diverse interests – particularly people from disadvantaged backgrounds (homeless, mental health, learning disabilities, underprivileged).

CF volunteer Reward:

As a CF volunteer we value your contributions. We value that you add value to our tenants/service users lives. For your work and to demonstrate that we value you we have set out below some of our rewards as our way of saying thank you for the work you are doing for us and with us.

Rewards include:

  • Reimbursed expenses for travel and £5 per day for travel.
  • Payment of £7.50 daily for lunch.
  • An invite to our CF activities, potluck events/CF Champion of the month event for which you could be voted for by your colleagues (full-time staff and other volunteers).
  • Access to a dedicated volunteer training programme or staff training events. If on place with CF for 3 months, you will be entitled to self-nominated training even/course; if for 6 months, two self-nominated training events/courses and if for 1 year or longer, three self-nominated training events/courses. This course and relevance to your CF placement should first be discussed with your line manager and subsequently authorised if agreement is reached if it is felt that it will add value and strengthen your current skills and knowledge.
  • Support to apply for jobs or other educational opportunities as long as there is someone in the team that has the expertise.
  • References for future job applications (as long as it is a successful volunteer placement according to your line managers assessment).

If this sounds like an interesting opportunity and something you would like to explore, please get in touch with us to discuss.

Contact Emilia Miteva (CF Administrator) 0203 897 4720