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CF and The Crystal Palace Football Foundation

Why we are hoping we won’t be hanging up our boots just yet!

“Playing football with CF means I am no longer sitting all day indoors.  I feel fitter and am even losing a bit of weight.  It is good to get out of the house and do something productive with my day.  Thank you, CF, for giving me this wonderful opportunity.”

 – Tenant feedback

As you know, CF has been running a 12-week Summer Football Programme in partnership with Crystal Palace.  The Program is due to end on the 18th of September.  We have received extremely positive feedback from the Disability Coach, Michael Harrington, who said: “your service users are a pleasure to work with”.  The project has been so successful, with up to 18 players at each session, that Crystal Palace has asked CF if we want to continue this partnership on an ongoing basis.  This is a brilliant opportunity for our Tenants and could open up other doors, such as joining local Leagues and even gaining some qualifications. Having a close affiliation to such a well-respected organisation could also raise the profile of Caridon Foundation in a very positive way.  We will need to source continuation funding (any donations are very welcome!)  but with such an exciting ‘end GOAL’ (forgive the punJ) – I’m sure we will succeed.

As part of the Mayor’s Funding for this project, CF has recruited Croydon Commitment to run two workshops in September, aimed at improving tenants’ confidence and helping people to get ‘work ready.’

A massive thank you to Ebenezer and Danny for all their hard work with the Football project. 

Exciting times ahead.